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Landscaping can turn a lawn into a native plant paradise

By Laura Scheer of the Missoulian
Imagine never having to water your lawn. During Montana’s summers, when the state can go 40 or 50 days without seeing rain, that could save a lot of time and money….
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Researchers experiment with hot pepper to deter rodents from eating grass seeds

BY MARTIN KIDSTON of the Missoulian
The deer mice are doing what they do this time of year on Mount Sentinel, gobbling up seeds ahead of winter. But if a team of researchers have their way, the mice may find the seeds a little less appetizing. Read More

Two friends hope to hit pay dirt with native soil, plants business

By DARYL GADBOW of the Missoulian
Standing atop a knoll on Missoula’s North Hills, Giles Thelen gazes across the rolling prairie and marvels at the diversity of native plants found there. His excitement isn’t so much about what he can see in the drab brown late-winter landscape, dominated by dormant bunchgrass and withered stalks of wildflowers, but about what he knows he will be able to see in the coming months – a succession of showy native blooms.  Read More

Native Sod Rescue—A Viable Business Model (Montana)

By Giles Cassidy Thelen and Kelly J. Dixon
The majestic natural landscapes of the American West host an expanding cultural landscape. One such new development, Mansion Heights, established on a hillside prairie overlooking the Missoula Valley, provided a bittersweet opportunity for plant rescue. In 2004, sponsored by the local Native Plant Society, a small group of people scrambled to save native plants moments before an excavator razed the ground surface at Mansion Heights. Read More

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