Hardscape Design

Case Study 1: PATHS

Challenge: These three clients had pathways that were often used in all seasons, but were weedy, muddy, and hard to maintain. They required paths that are zero maintenance in the summer, while easy to remove snow from in the winter.

Solution: Native Yards designed and installed a weed free and easy to maintain walkway in the summer and winter. We added weed cloth; bed of sand; a topping of gravel, sand, or decomposed granite (orange in color); and where appropriate, a border of steel flatbar. Montana Bronze flagstone was the common surface choice, but several other origins of flagstone are also represented. We can use wood “cookies” as a functional and attractive pathway surface. Finally, the last two photos represent a more permanent solution; encasing the flagstone in concrete.

Case Study 2: Walls and Structural Hardscape

Challenge: To use natural materials for a sloped landscape or a vertical “growing” fence or screen

Solution: The first photos of a landscape that wanted a steep grass backyard to an interactive landscape that is attractive and low maintenance, so we added two paths (the way to get to their garage deck) and native planting beds. The last two photos are a living native shrub planter that occupies just two feet of space while giving a great screen that is zero maintenance.