Case Study 1: Intensive Restoration

Challenge:  Re-built riverbanks, areas impacted by mining, and other disturbances in the natural landscape need to be restored to their pre-disturbance condition.  These areas can be 100ft or 1000 acres.

Solution: Native Yards stabilizes the soil, applies diverse seed mixes, and installs plantings, from plugs and cuttings to 16’trees. We can formulate plan depending on the situation, and initiate it in phases, such as we did at the Bonner Mill Superfund site.


Case Study 2: Maintenance Restoration

Challenge: An area degraded by weeds, but not enough weeds (or too many native species) to justify herbicide. These areas can be 100ft or 100,000 acres.

Solution: To restore these areas to their natural state you just need to apply a small effort a few times a season for multiple years. Removing the weeds by hand before seed set is one alternative that is tried and true for success.

Jumbo Weed pull Oct 2013

Jumbo Weed pull Oct 2013