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Native Plant Promotion

Many homeowners are tired of mowing their lawns, comprised of thirsty grasses of European origin.  The plants native to the intermountain prairies and forests common in our region are adapted to low moisture and nutrient conditions.  Installing a native landscape will save you time (no mowing!) water (no irrigation needed once established!) and money (no fertilizer needed, ever, and low maintenance!) over the lifetime of the landscape. Native Yards promotes native plant communities through design and installation of native landscapes.  We offer consultations (first one is free in the Missoula Valley!) for short term and long term solutions to enhance the health of your landscape.

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Hardscape Design

We live in the Rockies, and as the title implies we have very rocky landscapes.  Naturalize your garden with a nature-inspired hardscape.  Native Yards has access to unique lichen-covered boulders of all sizes, as well as all the great local and regional stone that is commercially available for landscapes, wall building, patios, and pathways.  Let us stone you with tons of rock today!


Plant communities can be compromised through human and/or natural disturbance.  Those communities can be restored or enhanced through planting and seeding of natives.  Native Yards can apply restoration techniques to small backyard landscapes or on 10,000 acre ranches.  Just let us know your needs and we consult with you for short term and long term solutions.


Winter in Montana, we all love the snow, but sometimes it is to much of a good thing. Native Yards offers hand and plow removal of snow and ice.  You can set up removal at a threshold depth (trace, 1″, 3″, or 6″), or just have a onetime clearing.  Also, we offer snow mound creation to enhance your winter fun for sledding, skiing, and forting.

Survey and Mapping

Every project should start with a base knowledge of what plant communities you have.  The best to do this is through a thourough survey that will produce high resolution maps.  These maps can be used to make a short term plan for enhancing your plant communities, and for monitoring progress over time.  We can prodice maps lf weed infestations, native plamt communities, tree species, or the location of rare plants or objects on your landscapes.

Other Services

Native Yards will can collect seeds of any desired plants; we can contract grow from1 to 10,000 individual plants for specific projects; we rescue native plant communities from development by removing the plants and the top 6″of the soil they inhabit.  We can then store the plants for future use, or use them in other projects.  We perform general property maintenance, from clean-ups and debris removal to fruit tree limbing and tree removal. Finally, Native Yards is active in cutting edge research, with projects promoting native seed viability and natural weed control; please our publication link to see previous research project results.