Landcape Design

Native Yard’s specialty is to install or modify a landscape to look as natural as possible. We do this by using native plants that would be found within a few hours’ drive of Missoula; utilizing hardscape to add topography and dimension to the landscape; and by adding special features such as fire-hardened wood and lichen boulders into the design, just as you might see on a walk through Pattee Canyon, Mount Jumbo, or the Bitterroot Mountains.

Each design is unique to location, and we prefer to work with the client to create a special place that will be interesting and attractive in all seasons, and through time.

Case Study 1:  Pleasant View

Challenge:  Transform all grass yard (typical of every house in this neighborhood) to an oasis for insects and wildlife, full of native wildflowers, grasses and shrubs. Utilize less water than the grass, while dramatically increasing diversity. Create privacy from street, as well as develop curb appeal.

Solution: Native Yards designed (and installed) a fully functional, water wise landscape with over 30 different species of native plants that is relatively weed free. The client was able to stop using her in ground irrigation, has ample privacy from the street, yet from her living room enjoys the wildness just outside her window.