Butler Creek

This project’s goal is to transform a fallow pasture to a native landscape for birds and wildlife to utilize. Every year we add more “Islands” of native plants, including eight different trees, 20 various shrubs, and seeds of 10 bunch grasses and 40 wildflowers.

Just four years and 12 islands later, the client recently remarked what a transformation! She is excited with the success of the plants, how mature they are getting, and how the wildlife, especially birds, utilize the new plantings.

Also notable for this project is the lack of damage from deer and elk that frequent the area, which we did by utilizing trees and shrubs these ungulates do not prefer to protect the plants that they do want to nibble on or rub. The plants are now established and can survive with little or no augmented water, while creating a refuge from the summer heat and winter winds for all critters big and small.